Childhood is the most charming and delightful time of everyone’s life. No time for worry and with endless energy, kids are at all times in PLAY mode and enjoying their adolescence for the best. Birthday Parties provides them the chance to go all Devil with Joy and naughtiness. Not only the kid with special Day enjoys it to maximum but those invited take it as their own special day as well.

But the most interesting part of organizing a birthday party comes when the joy part lies with children but the organizing part falls with the elders. Here is a Check List that you must look before you Plan a birthday party.



Theme Themes are necessary for a Kids birthdays Party otherwise your party is considered to be “just another party.” You might choose Kitty Party theme or may be some Action Hero theme according to the gender of your kid and the best ideas you can generate according to the theme.


Games Every birthday party needs Games to make it more Fun. You can do some Musical Chair or other games to make the party going.


 Party Favors They are damn important for the success of your party. Ideas might vary according to the theme chosen by you. Some special Drinks in special cups, handmade Hats or stationary Art are few choices you can explore.


Clown Now that depends on the budget you are having for the party but calling in some clown is going to ensure your party as success. Pranks, games and fun is going to rock the kids off their feet.


5  Cake Last but not the least. Cake makes the final exposition of the brilliance of your ideas about the party. It can either be according to the theme of  the party or might carry special flavor of your kid’s choice.


Make sure that all these things find their place in the birthday party and they’ll surely make birthday of your kid, the best day of his whole year.


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