Educating your Child in Dubai

Children are something that we want to see grow in the finest environment and the best possible way. We want them to be raised up in the most illustrious and superb way as possible. Most of children face a personality lag or difficulties in Learning at such an early age and this always haunts them all throughout their life. This is the reason why parents look for professionals who can train their kids for future academic and social life. Child Psychologists put great deal of emphasis on the supervised growth and learning process from the stages of 6 month till going to school. They put equal; concentration on physical activity, learning and socialization. Now in Dubai, one of the fastest growing metropolises in recent times, there is great number of centers which either specializes in individual forms or carries the aggregate of all those in same facility.

There are centers of physical and mental activates for kids in Dubai. There are certain Dubai nurseries as well taking caring of the children and there are many Pre School in Dubai that hold special expertise in inculcating learning habits in children. There are lots of centers that can equally carry all these traits under one roof.

Now physical and mental activity is an essential part of both growth and learning of a child and centers for activities for kids in DUBAI have a range of facilities like indoor and outdoor games in order to indulge your child into healthy commotions which can boost his childhood with knowledge and joy. Dubai Nurseries carry a special curriculum to enhance the abilities of your child while you are away on your job or shopping. They keep your child busy in gaining knowledge in a fun way so that he doesn’t gets bored or distracted and becomes a part of the social life of kids around him

Preschools in Dubai hire staff which has professional familiarity and skill to bring to your child both the fruits of wisdom along with a transitional journey from Montessori to regular school. In between he is taught to socialize by group activates, taught an interest in to arts by simple techniques of counting, adding and subtraction and comparing number. Some of the best Preschools even arrange for daily or weekly reports for parents in order to know about the level of learning their kid is achieving in their facility.

It is even more then superb when a center carries all these facilities in it, relieving parents from the worry of their kid no matter which age group he belongs to.



Childhood is the most charming and delightful time of everyone’s life. No time for worry and with endless energy, kids are at all times in PLAY mode and enjoying their adolescence for the best. Birthday Parties provides them the chance to go all Devil with Joy and naughtiness. Not only the kid with special Day enjoys it to maximum but those invited take it as their own special day as well.

But the most interesting part of organizing a birthday party comes when the joy part lies with children but the organizing part falls with the elders. Here is a Check List that you must look before you Plan a birthday party.



Theme Themes are necessary for a Kids birthdays Party otherwise your party is considered to be “just another party.” You might choose Kitty Party theme or may be some Action Hero theme according to the gender of your kid and the best ideas you can generate according to the theme.


Games Every birthday party needs Games to make it more Fun. You can do some Musical Chair or other games to make the party going.


 Party Favors They are damn important for the success of your party. Ideas might vary according to the theme chosen by you. Some special Drinks in special cups, handmade Hats or stationary Art are few choices you can explore.


Clown Now that depends on the budget you are having for the party but calling in some clown is going to ensure your party as success. Pranks, games and fun is going to rock the kids off their feet.


5  Cake Last but not the least. Cake makes the final exposition of the brilliance of your ideas about the party. It can either be according to the theme of  the party or might carry special flavor of your kid’s choice.


Make sure that all these things find their place in the birthday party and they’ll surely make birthday of your kid, the best day of his whole year.

Children Facilities in Dubai

Dubai being a home to a variety of business ventures and investment enterprises has turned into a guest of elites and business fraternity living with their families aspiring for higher standard of living. Shopping malls, kids play areas, Spas and pre schools for younger ones have become an important part of the civic life of Dubai. People with higher aspiration for peaceful and comfortable lifestyles, now look for ready made faculties and services so that they don’t have to worry much about the specific necessities of life when they are free of their tough working hours in the Gulf Metropolis.Now with kids ranging in different ages while growing up in a family, makes range of their facility even wider. But Dubai is even up to the task with individual and collective facilities with Kids Play Area in Dubai. Every individual facility carries within it, a professional staff having expertise in the field of specific age of kids and their activities.


Kids Play area in Dubai are specially designed for kids of smaller ages to enjoy their leisure timing with indoor and outdoor gaming areas. With swings and props, with board games and even art & Craft facilities, these play areas provide an excellent drop out facility for parents where they can send their kids while they are out on work or are busy in a long shopping spree in a mall.

There is more than one Nursery in Dubai that has greater expertise for handling child of the level of infancy and toddler. Many parents find it difficult to bring up their child in the best possible way while they are too young. They want to provide them with right atmosphere and at this point Nurseries step in, in order to facilitate such parents. They have specialized programs and curriculum in order to assist children with their learning abilities and socialization barriers.

With a city of magnitude as Dubai, there are many Top Pre-schools in Dubai that champion a syllabus and staff making way for your child’s extensive learning abilities before he starts his regular school. These Day care center along with their group activities and dedicated time for its child’ learning abilities have taken the kids learning process to a whole new level. After admitting your kids, you don’t have to worry about a smooth admission of your child into the school environment and study hours.

So as you can see, Dubai has various facilities either a combination of all these facilities or individual ones in order to ensure that your child can enjoy his childhood with both fun and learning.

Bringing Up your Child In Dubai

Kids are a real blessing. They really make your Life Complete and make it shine like never before. Holding your child for the first time is a feeling that carries a lifelong sensation that can make you smile and fall for your kid again and again. Now love of your kid demands a better training in early life as it is the learning phase which needs utmost perfection for a bright future. Studies have shown that the ethics and methods learned in the early age last for lifetime.

Dubai has turned around as the best hot spot of world attention in recent times. With multi-national companies settling their headquarters in this Gulf City State and more and more professionals making their way in this new Hub of world trade, business and entertainment Dubai has become depiction of all world heritage and global village characteristics.

Now with Professional responsibilities of Parents, upbringing of children in Cities like Dubai is becoming somewhat a problem but Children nursery Dubai are quickly taking place of traditional approach of upbringing a child. Most of the Day Care Centers carries in them the right tone for the early life teaching and training for your child. Here is a List of facilities provided in Kids activity centre in dubai

  1. Book Clubs
    Book Club
  2. Birthday parties

    Kids birthdays


  3. Art and Craft Activities

    Arts & Crafts Activities


  4. Drop In facilities

    Drop-In Facilities


  5. Indoor and Outdoor sports

    Indoor & Outdoor Sports

Now as you can see all these activities, a wide range indeed, provides your child with lot of choices which can be made to utilize both his instincts and also to boost up his socialization process with others in all these Dubai Day care Centers.

Nurseries in Dubai have a greater expertise in the area of making your child capable to cop up with the time that you might not be there for him during your working hours. They bring to your child a whole new world of exploring his talents and Joys in all the more refined atmosphere.

With appropriate Staff and dedicated leadership in the form of Principles and Directors, Activity Centers in Dubai has really relieved parents of the worries about the present level of learning of their child as well as future prospect for a successful career.

Don’t worry about the future or upbringing of your child as many Professional in the field of Day care and Nurseries have got your back.

Kids Venture Pre schools in Dubai

A responsible parent is one who cares for their children by providing their basic needs like food, cloths, shelter, and mental, spiritual and social growth and development. Pre schools Dubai can help parents by providing a platform where their children can learn and have a mental and social growth. Preschool mostly starts from three to five years and according to many researchers, children of these ages have highest potential to learn new things. Although preschools are not necessary, it is good to lay the foundation for learning and education. For this reason lots of preschools are opened in Dubai. In Dubai preschool comes before kindergarten. Children should have some group experience before they enter to kindergarten therefore it is important to have preschools as in this way they will gain confidence in them before starting kindergarten.


Childrens nursery help children in learning as its main focus is on the areas including social and emotional development, creativity, problem solving, reasoning and numeracy, physical development, knowledge and understanding of the world, and communication, language and literacy. Reading, writing and computation skills are also paid great emphasis. The preschools in Dubai have a fixed and proper schedules and programs that are important for the growth of physical, social, emotional, and brain development. Skills like talking individually as well as in group, recognizing and accepting the multicultural differences, and learning to pay attention are also focused in preschools in Dubai.

Dubai nurseries also give opportunities for children to make decisions as well encourage them to make good choices. Letters and different sounds are also introduced. With this, different types of shapes, colors are also introduced to them. The math skills like counting measuring, comparing, sorting, and classifying are taught by hand on experience. Art is also taught such as drawing, painting, coloring, etc. Book reading of story books, and other subject related books are also done.  Days like color day, fruit day, are also made with the events like Eid festival so the children can learn their names quickly and easily.

Children who have attended kids play area Dubai will more smoothly attend the primary school as they are already familiar with the complex skills and enjoy whatever they are taught. Therefore it is necessary that the children be made used to the public environment as in this way they will not be afraid and get confused when they are around large number of people. Therefore the preschools available in Dubai plays important role for making children future of Dubai. So, search for the well equipped with new materials (like alphabets, building blocks, shapes, etc) preschools that also fit your needs and requirements and provides space as a parent to work.